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Self Titled 12" released by Hell Yes! on February 1st 2012


released February 1, 2012




HOLY Milano, Italy

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Track Name: The Wrong Side
A life spent on the the wrong side / fed and fattened / let yourself be hired / let yourself kill for them / buy, eat, drink, die / fuck / born, raised, killed.
Track Name: Lifelong
I bought a rope / I bought a gun / I bought a coffin / I bought the nails / it's a two-dimensional scheme / fueled by dissatisfaction / this routine has rotted the urge, to breathe, to feel like I'm living / am I living? / I made some money, to pay my fuckin grave
Track Name: Restless
I've been told a better place awaits / I've been told we'll lay and rest in peace / I've been told love lasts forever / over our dead bodies I've been told no more suffering / I've been told no more pain / I've been told but if I ask now / nobody answers / and my knuckles hurt, my nails are worn / there's no gold at the end of the road / I've been told but if I ask now / nobody answers / Is anybody out there? / it's only gravity / pushing us down / so fucking down / until the ground will swallow us
Track Name: Blame Me
Fuck Cobain / fuck Mckaye / Johnny Cash / and straight edge / fuck the stones / and fuck the fab fours / fuck black flag / and circle jerks / corporate rock / fuck ‘em all / gotta chose a cover song / and make all of you mosh / throw bricks at me / don't clap your fuckin hands / eat all your veggies / and go fuck yourself / fuck the punx / fuck the skins / fuck the kids / fuck the scene / fuck the vegans / fuck my shoes / fuck / get outta my head / fuck the world / fuck this song / fuck myself / fuck.
Track Name: Dead Can Dance
I see things I do not want to see / I know things I do not want to know / confined and trapped / stuck in a haze / swam and sank / misjudged and doomed / I’m staring at the world / at odds with myself / this is a fuckin’ disease / and I’m still ill / lepers to heal the lepers / corpses to feed the corpses.
Track Name: Monday
Monday calls / the week awaits / how lucky I am / I've got a job / Bond and blend in / with all those dicks / i'd rather rob a bank / than live a life like this / but I understand / it pays my food / it pays my bills / it pays my dues / it pays my fuckin’ rent / it doesn't define the person I am.
Track Name: Cheap Drugs
I stay at my corner / my back against the wall / feelin underrated / I hate you / First I wanted the future / at war against the world / then just a bit of hope / who the fuck have I become? / how grey are these days? / why am I so bored? / gimme a way out / Gimme violence.
Track Name: Asleep
Give us today / our poisoned bread / our daily piece of trash / our dose of forgiveness / altars for those who torture / gallows for those who care / how long will the lambs / be so bloodthirsty? / the sleep of consciousness / built cities and gold paved streets / monuments to its own failure / to praise / to bless / to sleep / forever.