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The Age Of Collapse


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War 01:10
I feel there's no home No sleep, no rest Just war All I ever wanted Is what I always missed I'm sick and angry Empty handed This place shelters me But my body here aches the most This place shelters me But my body here aches the most No sleep No rest Just war
Life 01:33
Can't catch a breath Can't feel my lungs Do am I dying? Or am I just a paroid fool? And all this people They all surround me They look after me But I don't trust 'em all So I guess that's my life now in the womb of paranoia Trust no one Obey no one But I can't stop this pressure As long as I enjoy it
Handshake 00:57
Hello my friends You, lazy assholes You vultures Aren't you tired of eating my flesh? You bled me dry You are all invited to my breaking point Down in hell with me.
Ramparts 01:37
These years, this whole lifetime Gone, like leaves in the backyard A matchbook in our pocket But no will to use it Like bad seed we rooted Like weed we grew We're just a bad joke No fun Behind these walls This town has blew the life away from me Suburban scum Sons and daughters of the affluence We riot, We revolt, We barely exist
The end of all hope The fall of the leviathan of democracy Crushed us all, made us numb We walk blindfolded The path they've drown for us The mourn of this age Is the weep of heroes without a cause We need no constraints to be enslaved This grieving wreck This mess It's like a noose around my neck we traded peace of mind with hate for ourselves
Undone 01:14
I watch the world I know comin' undone I let anxiety devouring the leftovers I'll stop pretending that I'm growing up I'll stop pretending This is my weakness This is my curse How can I sleep with ghosts? Tell me how those kids became so cynical
Harm's Way 01:20
Who hold the razor that blind our fate? Now wounded we stand, in the void of THE trenches We are dancing on borders On the edge of collapse There's no need for us We are so unnecessary We laid with tragedy And now war is our flesh and blood I know Everything has its cost I only ask myself If my life worth it
Ablaze 00:53
I'll strew these walls with gasoline And let the sparks do the rest I had a dream, I was an arsonist It's only fire for the fire sake God is not there, he's preying somewhere else What is left here former humans, now empty shells And no one to notice. It's fire for the fire's sake
Old Habits 01:54
Nourished by lies Fed by the shredding of fear and pain, By the lack of compassion Unable to ask. Unable to question Old habits, die hard, unable to stop Repeat yourself: "at least it tastes better" Pretend it is righteous, that it is only tradition Denying you're choosing it, denial, denial Take no position, denial, denial You're the slaughterer Repeat yourself: "at least it tastes better"
Restart 00:58
A farewell to hypocrisy The words I wrote The way these pages have soiled Hold on...I've failed, let me go Forgive me, forget The way I wreck my home The way I mess with you The way we fought Lookin' back i must admit I've never dealt with anger From now on It's up to me
I was born dead in a dead end Please me, tease me, kill me Until I'll embrace acceptance I was born dead, in a dead end They drop me here I'm out of time I'm out of sight They drop me here No room for me in their food chain I was born dead, in a dead end
Restless 02:09
I've been told a better place awaits I've been told we'll lay and rest in peace I've been told love lasts forever Over our dead bodies I've been told no more suffering I've been told no more pain I've been told but if I ask now nobody answers And my knuckles hurt, my nails are worn There's no gold at the end of the road I've been told but if I ask now Nobody answers Is anybody out there? It's only gravity Pushing us down so fucking down Until the ground will swallow us
If everything shifts and everything changes why am i only floating? If i'm not supposed to bear all of this chaos Why am I overwhelmed? Because of the need of warmth in cold nights Because of this hunger in me I turned my back to my true north


Out on Adagio 830 in February 15th 2013


released February 15, 2013




HOLY Milano, Italy

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